The Amazing Pendulum

From its discovery around 1602 by GALILEO GALILE the study of this swinging object has been a fascinating science. The pendulum is used in areas as varied as the control mechanism for pendulum clocks, to record rotation of the earth. People use it to detect the sex of unborn child or to answer any question, personal or business.

The pendulum must be one of the most underutilized piece of equipment in the average psychic/hypnotists arsenal .It is such a versatile tool in your hands that it is really surprising as to why it has not yet gained the popularity it so richly deserves.

The pendulum is briefly described as being –a body so suspended from a fixed point as to move to and fro , to and fro answering the questions one has in Yes and No. The number of things that can be done with a pendulum is quite incredible. The public is fascinated and intrigued that they can will it to move back and forth or turn round and round in a circle answering the questions they have in mind.

The aim of this practical guide on how to use the pendulum is not only to make it popular but also to make you aware of a variety of its uses in healing, forecasting, vaastu etc.

The pendulum is a fantastic but unbelievable simple gadget, with equally simple operations for use. With this book you can not only use the pendulum for your personal problems but you can also help friends, relatives, and the public when they consult you.

The Amazing Pendulum

In this book you will learn how to choose or create a pendulum and then use it. By using the pendulum as an outer conscious tool, you will discover how to use your inner conscious mind to aid you in decision making in your personal and your business life.

In This book you will learn about :-

  • The Pendulum size and shape

  • Holding the Pendulum

  • The Pendulum Language

  • Using the Pendulum

  • Experiments with the Pendulum

  • Hypnotizing With A Pendulum

  • Healing With The Pendulum & Lots more.

The Amazing Pendulum e-Book


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